Snowhoney’s October Favourites

Another month is over. This year is speeding by as if the devil himself is chasing it. Does anyone else feel like only yesterday was christmas (last year)?
Well, especially on the blog I feel like time is flying by. But I will not hold you guys off the topic of this post any longer. My October Favourite(s):

2013-11-05 21.16.23

Beauty UK Matte Topcoat

2013-10-28 23.10.42

Matte Mani

As you can see I’ve chosen the last mani of the month. This has been so much fun to wear and it reminded me to use my matte topcoat more! I do like the matte finish, but I rarely wear it. Most polishes look amazing when you put a matte topcoat on, but with dark colours? Simply amazing! I think this could be my fall and winter favourite…

Do you like matte nailpolish or matte topcoat?


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