Snowhoneys NotD: Fuchsia Illusion

Have you guys ever tried thermal polishes? If not but you were tempted to buy one before… just have a look at this beauty:


Fuchsia Illusion is one of the great thermal polishes from Liquid Sky Lacquer. When the hands are cold it is a deep (kinda cold) purple holo and when the hands turn warm it becomes a bright pink holo that is glittering amazing in the sun. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails once I had put this beauty on on saturday (when I was over at Nell’s)…

If you wish to buy polishes from liquidskylacquer, you can find her shop here or buy from Mei Mei Signatures or Llarowe. And don’t look disappointed if you can’t order on Carolyn’s shop normally, she sometimes has issues with some countries such as Germany, but you can write her an e-mail and she will send to you directly 🙂 Carolyn is really sweet.

What do you think of thermals? Cutie or unnecessary gimmick?


One thought on “Snowhoneys NotD: Fuchsia Illusion

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