Nell’s NotD: Barbie Nails! (+Mini essence Superheroes Review)

Photo 03-11-2013 12 09 41

essence Superheroes thermo effect 01 Fantastic Girl + Superheroes galaxy flakes 06 The Awesome (warm)

As you can see in my previous haul post I went nuts on the new essence Superheroes collection. On saturday Snowhoney popped over for a girly afternoon of chatting, drinking hot chocolate and doing our nails (what else do you expect when two sisters meet up). I had trouble deciding which nailpolish to use first but eventually settled for the thermo effect from the Superheroes collection 01 Fantastic Girl. In the bottle it is a muted cool fuchsia pink on my nails it transforms magically into a warm slightly purple pink. It IS a very sheer polish. After three coats I could still very clearly see the nail line. A complete no-no for me. I fixed this by applying the galaxy flakes polish 06 The Awesome as a top coat . The pink in it’s jelly base ups the coverage to a point where it is ‘bearable’ for me. The galaxy flakes behaved very well. The glitter distributes nicely over the nail, slight patting with the brush helps to even things out even more. Drying time for base coat (OPI Nail Envy) + 3 coats thermo polish + 1 coat galaxy flakes + 1 coat top sealer fast dry was reasonably quick.

While I am a little iffy on each polish on it’s own I am IN LOVE with the combination. Yes, the pink and sparkle is quite unusual for me but I just can’t stop staring at my nails, it is so nice!

Post Scriptum:
I knew this was a thermo polish, right, but imagine my surprise when I got out of the car this morning only to find that the polish turned a lovely purple color in the cold november air. I recreated it under cold water in the bathroom later, unfortunately the camera won’t do it justice. I hope you can still see the difference!

Photo 03-11-2013 12 08 44

Superheroes Thermal Effect polish 01 Fantastic Girl + Galaxy Flakes 06 The Awesome (cold)


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