New In: Nell’s Superheroes Haul and Swatches

Essence is currently hitting the shelves with one of the most exciting trend editions they have released this year if not ever. This little selection of goodness is called Superheroes and features 6 nailpolishes, a jelly nailpolish remover, nail glitter, a nail art brush, nail sticker and a wee little cosmetics bag. Sounds like any essence trend edition you say, so let’s take a look at the reason why my wallet jumped screaming out of the window when I clapped eyes on the preview of the collection on the essence website: Yes, there are 6 nailpolishes, so far so well but here is the kicker: all 6 of them have different finishes. There is a thermo finish, a sand style, a metallic that promises to look like molten gold, an ‘oil-slick’ finish, a holo effect and one with ‘galaxy flakes’

I picked up 4 out of those 6:

Photo 31-10-2013 12 05 45

essence Superheroes 01 Fantastic Girl

The first one I got was the thermo effect one which is called Fantastic Girl in the bottle it is cool muted plummy fuchsia creme, when it warms up it becomes a warm reddish version of the color you see in the bottle and it actually does change color I tried it on the nailwheel but my camera wouldn’t show it -.- I’ll try again once I actually have it on my nails. On the wheel I painted 3 coats because it was actually quite sheer.


Photo 31-10-2013 12 05 14

essence Superheroes 03 Power Girl

The next polish I picked up was the one with the ‘oil slick effect’. This is basically a multi chrome with purple and deep blue being the two dominant colors with a hint of gold on the side. As you may know duo or multi chromes are some of my favorite nailpolish finishes ever so this was right up my street. On the wheel it was opaque in 2 coats unfortunately you can’t really see the color shift on there but it is really nice in person.

Photo 31-10-2013 12 03 20

essence Superheroes 04 Super, man!

Oh sweet lord. Essence and holo effects -.- Well, it is not the straight up linear holo I was hoping for, instead it is a silver foil that looks relatively plain in the bottle until I did this:

Photo 31-10-2013 12 03 47Can you see that sparkle? This plain silver foil has some of the most fiery holo glitters sprinkled through it that I have ever seen in the German drugstore (the picture still doesn’t do it justice) Actually this is the polish I am most excited about, I can’t wait to wear it AND I know, come what may I will wear this in New Year’s Eve. For some reason it reminds me both of fireworks and moonlight sparkling on freshly fallen snow. I am in love! It swatched beautifully, opaque in two coats and a very nice formula!

Photo 31-10-2013 12 04 14

essence Superheroes 06 The Awesome

The last one I picked up is the one with the so called galaxy flakes. It is a pink jelly with silver, pink, iridescent and holographic hexagonal glitter in different sizes suspended in it. It swatched quite sheer but with a good amount of glitter that was easily distributed across the nail on the nailwheel. I would probably use it as a top coat rather than on it’s own (mostly because I would have to do 3 coats at least to get the opacity I like and then it’s gonna be a pain in the behind to remove).

The last thing I got from the collection was the Superheroes nail polish remover 01 Fantastic Girl. Apperantly I have set out to become a nailpolish remover expert because this is the third one I hauled in 2 months -.- But look at it. LOOK. AT. IT.

Photo 31-10-2013 12 04 42It is PINK and it has SILVER GLITTER in it. Okay that was not the reason why I bought it. The reason was that this is a jelly formula which is supposed to be more effective than the regular ones. I heard mixed reviews about this, one half saying it doesn’t do anything at all, the other half saying it removes glitter polish in under 30 seconds. I will use it on my p2 Sand Style that I am currently wearing (would you want an NotD with that? I didn’t have time before to post one so I skipped it but I’d have time now). Granted it is not the hardest polish to remove  but we’ll see, I will post an update later.

Photo 31-10-2013 14 47 13

Swatches on the Nailwheel in the Sunlight

Photo 31-10-2013 20 11 07

Swatches in Artificial Lighting


Aside from the Superheroes collection I also snapped up the new version of the better than gel nails top sealer, which was sold out the entire last month but today they had three (!) on the shelf. I will be a good girl though and use up the old version first.

Oh, by the way : All items shown above sold at 1.95€ with the polish bottles holding 8ml/.27fl.oz and the nail polish remover holding 150ml/5.0 fl.oz



What do you think about the limited edtition? Yay? Nay? Would you pick one up?



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