Snowhoney’s NotD: Matte Glitter Road House Blues

Hello people!

I’ve got a new nail of the day for you. I’ve seen someone mention matte topcoat again and finally remembered that I wanted to use mine more often. So I took the chance (and really just the reminder!) and took out my matte topcoat. But I didn’t only want to matte a normal polish, I wanted something special… so actually, I kinda took a few of my toppers and put them all together to one mani:

2013-10-28 23.09.18
I am so glad I pulled all of that out! Love how it turned out and I actually got compliments at the office today – yay! That is always pleasent. Some of the younger colleagues at work know that I have a faible for nail polish and a blog about it, so whenever they meet me they are looking at my nails curiously πŸ˜€
Here are the polishes I used:

2013-10-29 21.32.42
1) essence peel off basecoat (this one is from the Ready for Boarding LE)
2) essence Special Effect Topper 08 Night in Vegas (discontinued I think)
3) OPI “Road House Blues”
4) Nail’d It Unique Nail Polish “Caramel Apple”
5) Beauty UK Matte Topcoat

And for the sake of all the pics I made to somehow be able to give you a good impression of the turnout even though I only had artificial light (no chance of getting a few pics done when the sun was actually out today – too much work 😦 )… here some more impressions:

2013-10-28 23.09.47
2013-10-28 23.10.11
2013-10-28 23.10.42
How do you like it? Yay or nay?


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