Snowhoney’s NotD: Kiko Tryout

Hello everybody 🙂

Today I want to show you how some (well two to be exact) of the Kiko polishes look on the nails. Ón thursday I painted my nails like this:


Colours used: 834 Golden Tiffany and 837 Sea Green. I hate that they do not have any names on the bottles! (why are they not printed on the bottle?! Now I had to actually look them up on the website!) Base is essence’s Care and Base Coat and topcoat is essence’s  Better than Gel Fast Dry (the bottle is nearly empty 😦 ) And as you can see I tried a little nail art thingy…. not good, I assure you as the second hand looked completely different and that was unintentional 😀 well, whatever. I’ve been wearing this mani since thursday night and it still looks okay, but of course a little tipwear is normal after a couple of days and I don’t mind it too much. Tonight, though, I wanna paint my nails again 😉 differently this time.



What are you wearing on your nails today?! What have you been wearing over the weekend?


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