Nell’s Fall Edit: My Ultimate Fall Color

Photo 25-10-2013 10 18 27

Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine Up to 10 Days 505/303 Taupe

I have no idea why I love this color as much as I do. None. I guess this is the Paradoxal Phenomenon.

Either way, out of every polish I showed you so far in my Fall Edit this is my favorite. Astor’s version of the taupe polish is a very creamy slightly greyed muted milk chocolate brown. I can’t stop staring at it. UGH! The polish applies beautifully and is opaque in two coats. The brush is wide and rounded but quite stiff, despite that it doesn’t leave streaks but gives great control over the polish instead. The drying time on this was extremely quick. After 2-3 minutes it was dry to the touch and didn’t move around anymore. It dried with a very glossy finish, too, a top coat is not really necessary. I applied my essence top sealer anyway. Base was as per usual OPI’s Nail Envy. Unfortunately I am not too happy about the lasting power. I had slight chipping on the same day and tipwear the next. I have no idea if that is due to the polish, the base or topper, will test more and report back. This polish was a gift with purchase with one of my Astor Lipbutters but if I remember correctly it comes in around 4-5€.


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