Munderoon’s NotD: Catrice “Dirty Berry”

Dear nailpolish addicts and maybe soon-to-be nailpolish addicts 😉

In today’s NotD I want to show you a long time favorite of mine:

Catrice’s “Dirty Berry”


Manhattan’s Base Coat Nail Hardener, plus two layers of “Dirty Berry” and the Essence Fast Dry Top Coat (Artifical Light)


Same combination with natural light

Okay, so what makes this polish one of my favorites?

First of all, I admit that it doesn’t look so special and very plain at first, especially when you see the polish only for a short second or from a distance. All one can see than is a light version of a lavender/lilac-ish colour, sometimes it might even look like it’s more grey or even somehow blue-ish. It almost appears like someone tried to combine all of these colours, but a Dementor decided to feed on those colours and this is the result: a kind of frosty, kinda withdrawn colour with small glitter elements.

And that is exactly what I love about this colour, because everybody seems to see something different in it and if you look at it close, it surprises you with it’s beauty and complexity! And because I do like underestimated polishes, I love this one 🙂


What do you think?




One thought on “Munderoon’s NotD: Catrice “Dirty Berry”

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