A Box Indied, October: Halloween Edition

Hello everyone 🙂

I hope you all cannot wait to see the nailpolishes that were in “A Box Indied”. It’s true, at first I thought $ 50 is a lot of money, plus I have to pay the shipping, but I was so curious to see what came up in those really Limited Editions as the polishes are made for the box. Long story short: I ended up buying the first box ever.

A Box Indied, October, Halloween Edition

A Box Indied, October, Halloween Edition

Here is Llarowe’s description of the box:

A themed monthly subscription box containing 5 exclusive full sized polishes from 10 collaborating indie polish makers.  These polishes will not be offered elsewhere.  Polish makers will rotate into each month’s offering and each month will contain 5 different polishes from 5 of the 10 polish makers.  Each month’s box will be packed in a black gift box labelled “A Box, Indied”.  The indie polish makers involved in this collaboration are:

Black Cat Lacquers

Different Dimension

Dollish Polish

Ethereal Lacquer

Freak Show Polish

Jindie Nails


Liquid Sky Lacquer

Polish Me to Go

Wicked Polish

October’s box is Halloween themed and will include the following:

Black Cat Lacquer – Came Back Haunted

Ethereal Lacquers – Devoured

Jindie Nails – Screaming Halloween

Lacquerlicious – No Tricks, Just Treats

Polish Me to Go – Luna Verde




So, I guess you wanna see the polishes now, don’t you?! 😉

2013-10-07 18.05.04

Polish me to go, Etheral Lacquer, Black Cat Lacquer, Jindie Nails, Laquerlicious

I cannot describe how thrilled I was unwrapping those marvelous polishes! I have no screaming green polish yet and the tiny glitter particles in there are fascinating PLUS it’s a glow in the dark polish!!! My first 😉 Devoured is a holo, so of course I am IN LOVE with it right away. Black Cat Laquer’s “Came Back Haunted” is a great black jelly with multi-coloured glitter particles and I’m pretty sure I will like that on my nails. “Screaming Halloween” now is a dirty yellow base with round and square-shaped glitter in various sizes. Pretty! And last but not least: No Tricks Just Treats is a glitter topcoat. I can imagine it being very pretty over a lot of different colours 🙂

2013-10-07 18.05.54

Luna Verde, Devoured, Came Back Haunted, Screaming Halloween, No Tricks Just Treats

You know what else is great about the box? I haven’t had a single polish from any of these polish makers yet. This way I can try out their formula and their brushes and if I like what I got… I may order from those polish makers 😉 my poor wallet!

So, are you interested in “A Box Indied” yet? How do you like the colours?


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