Nell’s Second Sister Haul and NotD: A Pump and On Sale Polishes

Photo 10-10-2013 15 28 12


Like I mentioned in the sneak peek, I had Munderoon over last friday and we did some damage at my local drugstore. I just love that little gem located 10 minutes on foot, 2 minutes by car from my house and ever since they started stocking Catrice I wish I could move in there.

Just like Munderoon I couldn’t bring myself to walk past the limited edition Isana Professional Nailpolish Remover Acetonefree. A) the bottle is black with turquoise print and turquiose/white ombre floral print on the side; b) it has a pump c) it contains biotin and apricot stone oil to care for problem nails; d) have I mentioned it has a pump?

I know quite a few brands have already or are in the process of adding pumps to their nailpolish remover bottles and think that’s a brilliant thing. No more wasting copious amounts of remover because you accidentally poured too much out of the bottle and no more spilling remover over my sheets and laptop (as I have done before, it didn’t kill my laptop but I had the scare of a lifetime, i tell you) as I always do my nails on my bed in front of my lappi.

The bottle is 1.39€ for 175ml or 5.95 fl.oz. of remover. Plus, once I used up the contents I can just replace them with regular remover. Genius!

Color-wise I picked up two limited edition shades that were on clearance and they are oh-so pretty! I know I have too many already and I shouldn’t buy anymore BUT they were on clearance AND I don’t have shades like this (in the same color family maybe, but not really like these, I swear!)

The first polish I picked up was Catrice C01 Blue Highway from the Hip Trip Limited Edition. It is a deep slightly grey-ed blue with very fine blue shimmer. The blue shimmer disappears almost completely on the nails (meaning you can only see it in flash lighting (below) or in direct light but even then it is barely there) but the color is so very pretty and fall appropriate! It looks like the perfect night blue to me.

Photo 05-10-2013 12 52 23

Catrice Blue Highway


The secon polish I picked up was from the Matchpoint Limited Edition and it is called C03 Rockby. It is a muted slightly plummy burgundy/wine red cream polish. This color in any shape or form (lipstick, jewellery, clothing) is my favorite at the moment and I can’t believe I overlooked this gem before. Again I think this is highly fall/winter/holiday appropriate. I can’t wait to pair it with a golden sparkle topper, but I can also see it with a matte topcoat.

Photo 05-10-2013 23 29 17

Catrice Rockby

I painted the candy nails in the pictures above last friday because we kinda couldn’t contain ourselves and now 6 days later I still have them on. I wore them over OPI’s Nail Envy. The thumb and index finger of my right hand (mainly red polish) have my version of the essence better than gel nails top sealer in high gloss. The rest of my fingers on the right hand and all of the left hand (mainly blue) are finished up with Munderoon’s new version of the top sealer which is actually different in formula and lasts better than the old version I own. After 6 days I have light tipwear all over and minor chipping on my right index finger. The staying power is really good all around!

Catrice nailpolishes are regularly 2.75€ for 10ml or .34 fl.oz. on clearance they were 1.30€ each.


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