Munderoon’s Sister Haul: Meet my new Colours

As teased in Nell’s Sneak Peek, we’ve been shopping together!

(Well, okay. Let’s just say we hunted some nailpolish, that’s about it ;D)

Here is my catch:


So, Nell and me have been to the small, but well sorted Rossman near her place, because of the sudden idea to buy some more nailpolish.

(Not that any of us hasn’t got enough of it, but we just felt like we could use a good sister haul after the stress of the past days and weeks.)

After an investigation in both our nailpolish box(es), we discovered that we both showed some serious symptoms of “buying only one or two particular colours of nailpolish”. I can’t recall if we wanted to try to change that or if we just agreed on buying naipolish together, but the end of the story was that I ended up with two of the most common colours I already have and one that’s clearly on second place. Anyway, I’m really happy with what I’ve got and I’ll give you some details on it:


Left one: Catrice 13 “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” is a nice and vivid purple-bluish colour. So far, I haven’t swatched it, but I have used at as the second colour for my first attempt on Ombré nails (Later to come in my NotD)

Right one: Catrice 10 “I’m not a Greenager” is my second attempt at finding my favorite shade of green without any special effects, such as metallic or holo elements. I’m not yet sure it’ll work out for me, but it looked nice!


Another new colour is this beauty here, Essence 111 “English Rose”. I didn’t buy it only because its name spoke on a spiritual level to me, but because this slighly pink, but more grown up colour of this nailpolish just looked very elegant and perfect to wear. I immediately fell in love with it and, as Nell said it, it looks really grown up.
(Will be reviewed later, keep your eyes fixed on this blog 😉 )


Last but not least I bought a new nailpolish remover, which smells absolutely nice and contains different agents to prevent nail damage. It comes with a small pump, which ensures that you can measure the amount of liquid quite perfect. It is also refillable and looks kinda stylish. Sadly, it is a limited edition, but I hope I can at least use the pump for quite a while. Last thing I bought are some make-up sponges. They are cut into small triangles and you can use them perfectly for Ombré nails. (Also later to come). And the moment I saw Snowhoney doing a great job with the Ombré technique, I wanted to try it myself!

So this was my side of this Sister Haul, I hope you enjoyed and have a nice, fluffy Sunday! 😉



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