Munderoon’s NotD: “English Rose” feat. Ombré Nails

After Nell’s and my Sister Haul we felt the need to try one of our new colours right away. My choice was Essence “English Rose”


Essence “English Rose” (2 Layers) and the usual suspects (Manhatten Nail Hardener, Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat)

I’m very, very satisfied with this colour, because it looks a bit like a darker version of a modest lip colour. It’s not too red, nor too pink – just right. It’s a bit like antique pink and it reminds me of the roses, which are pictured on old english porcelain tea cups! (I kind of see how they found the name)

Anyway, after wearing it for a day, I asked myself what else this colour might be capable of. And since I saw Snowhoney’s Ombré Nails, I wanted to try that myself, after I had to admit that my skills at water marbelling are pretty rubbish.

I didn’t want to have a strong contrast, meaning I didn’t want to use a colour from a whole different colour family, so I went with Catrice “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” – one of the polishes from my last Haul.

My method is barely different from Snowhoney’s, but in case you want to know, I’ll give you the details:

What you need:


I. A base coat (Mine is Manhatten’s Pro Care Nail Hardener)

II. A Top Coat to “seal the deal” later (Mine is Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails)


III. At least two colours, so you’ll have the Ombré effect. (You can use more but I guess because I’m a starter, 2 colours are good to train with.) Mine are “English Rose” as the basic colour and “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” as the Ombré colour.


IV. Sponges. Which kind is up to you, I guess you’ll have to figure out what works best for you. I just used some make up sponges from the local drugstore, since they are small and soft and have the right texture for me.

What to do:

First things first: don’t panic! And don’t get your expectations up too high (because that’s what happened to me and the water marbelling). If you might be not as good at this as you hope at the first attempt, don’t be disappointed. Training works! And if it doesn’t … there’s always another cool thing to with your nails.

Okay, having that one out of the way, let’s start this.

One, you have to apply your base coat and let it dry.

Two, you have to apply your base colour. Which one is yours to choose.

Optional Step: You can apply your top coat before you start with the Ombré itself. I don’t say that this is necessary, but since I did it – because I didn’t know I would do the Ombré nails later on – I can report that there is no harm in doing so. Especially because my Top Coat is a Quick Dry and helps to get this done a bit faster.

Three, you have to apply your base colour and your Ombré colour to your sponge.


Like this! (Sorry for the messy picture, I took a picture half through the cleaning process, because I didn’t think of taking it earlier) I hope the picture gives an idea how to apply the nailpolish.
You should think about which way around you’re gonna use the sponge, so you won’t end up with reversed Ombré nails. (That is, as long as you don’t want them… 😉 )

Four, you have to apply the polish onto your nails. To get the Ombré look, you shouldn’t only concentrate on creating a perfect imprint of the sponge, because then you would only get a hard transition between the basic and the Ombré colour. Try to dab the Ombré colour to a greater area of the nail first, before you can correct that with dabbing the basic-colour-sponge-part over it. If you have the transition, you can work on the bottom of the nail, giving the Ombré colour the amount of strength you would like to have.

And here is my result:

??????????????????????????????????????I was really surprised at the effect it showed on my nails after the first try already. And I’m excited to try this with some different colours! If you want to try this but you’re not sure if this description is enough, you can also use a YouTube tutorial. Some of them are well done and easy to understand. 😉

Do you want to try Ombré nails? Which colour combination would you like to see? Let me know! 🙂




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