Munderoon’s NotD: ‘Fresh Sister’ Meets ‘Hello Holo’


New Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat, p2’s “Fresh Sister”, Essence Special Effect Topper “Hello Holo” and Manhattan’s Base Coat “Pro Care Nail Hardener”

Hello Nailpolish Addicts!

Today’s NotD is another one from me – Munderoon! And another polish, which gets pimped by a Special Effect Topper.

As you might have seen in my last NotD, which was a combination of Fame Fatal and the Circus Topper, I’m in a Special Effect phase at the moment, so today I want to introduce you to my favorite one: Essence Special Topper “Hello Holo”.

My favorite combination so far has been this beauty here:


Make Up Factory’s Number 40 feat. Hello Holo

 I did try it with a pastel colour before, but didn’t like the result as much as the one above:


Essence Alpha Better Gamma (Travelled from: Nell -> Munderoon in June 2013) feat. Hello Holo

So since I’m into darker colours anyway, I kind did forget about the idea of pimping the lighter colours with this Topper.

But when I was convinced by a friend of mine to use a bit more candy-like nailpolish, as P2’s 130 “Fresh Sister”, I wanted to give it another chance and I’m delighted to admit that it turned out almost as good as my dark favorite!

2013-09-24 15.57.05-2

P2’s “Fresh Sister” feat. “Hello Holo” (Essence) in natural light


Same combination, artifical light

My overall review is absolutely positive, not only concerning the Topper (though it probably seems so :D) and I love my two candy nail colours now almost as much as I love my darker shades.

And I adore my Topper ❤

What about you? What are your experiences with Special Topper?

(I used my new Essence Top Coat [finally back with the good stuff!] and my new Manhatten Base Coat, a Nail Hardener. Both work perf so far!)


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