Nell’s Sister Haul: New Additions Courtesy of Astor and p2

Sister Haul Astor and p2

Sister Haul Astor and p2

What happens if you let sisters with a little money in their pockets loose on the new fall nailpolishes at the drugstore? Right, mayhem will ensue. Snowhoney and I hit the shiny (still relatively) new and pretty big dm drugstore in our hometown and the result at my end you can see above. Five new polishes, one for every finger of the hand.

I couldn’t help it though, the drugstore brands are absolutely loving me at the moment, three out of the five are brand new duochromes and one is a new sandstyle. On top of that p2 released new glitter polishes but I couldn’t make up my mind which one to take so I decided to wait a little until I would fall in love with one. Below you can see my bounty swatched on a nailwheel (never thought I’d find a use for that thing).

Photo 21-09-2013 16 25 08

Swatches on the nailwheel


No. 2 on the wheel: Astor Fashion Studio Changing Metal Effect 258 Crystal Blue:
In the bottle it is a blue polish with a shift to a golden green and purple (6ml/ 0.20 fl.oz.; 2.45€)

No. 3 on the wheel: Astor Fashion Studio Changing Metal Effect 261 Royal Bronze:
Bronze with a green and pink shift. It is quite similar to MAC’s Mean&Green which is more glitter than shimmer but has the same shift (6ml/0.20 fl.oz.; 2.45€)

No. 4 on the wheel: Astor Fashion Studio Modern Baroque 265 Delicate Princess:
Muted rusty red cream, reminiscent of Essie’s In Stitches which is slightly lighter. (6ml/ 0.20 fl.oz.; 2.45€)

No. 5 on the wheel: p2 Color Victim 996 Before Sunrise:
Oh, what a beaut this is! It shifts from a deep cool purple with silvery shimmer to a glowing red-purple with a golden sheen, don’t ask me how it does that, it just does *__* I’m just glad I bought it. (8ml/ 0.27 fl.oz.; 1.55€)

No. 6 on the wheel: p2 Sand Style 090 Opulent:
Another gorgeous p2 Sand Style in a very Fall/Winter appropriate dark blue-green with a slight purple shift. I think Munderoon would absolutely love this! (11ml/0.37 fl.oz.; 1.95€)

On the wheel you can see 2 coats of each polish. The Astor ones seemed to be quite streaky at first but once they were dry the streaks were as good as gone and the Changing Metal Effects showed barely any brush strokes (read: none that were visible without using a magnifying glass). Crystal Blue seems to be a bit sheer but we will see what it actually looks like on the nails.

While Delicate Princess is Limited Edition the other four are permanent for at least the next 6 months.

ebelin Acetonefree Nailpolish Remover

ebelin Acetonefree Nailpolish Remover

I had to pick up a new nailpolish remover since mine ran out over the week. I forgot to pick up my regular one when I was at Rossmann the other day, so I decided to give the ebelin one a try. It is also acetonefree and costs 0.65€ for 125ml/4.25 fl.oz.

So, what do you think? Duochromes yay or nay? Is Sand Style already outdated? Feel free to hit the comments and share your opinion!


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