Snowhoney’s First Try at… Ombré/Gradient Nails

Hi everyone!

How many of you are doing creative nail art and/or try out special techniques? I bet you do. Whenever I stumble across a post or video or picture of nail art and/or special techniques, I look at it admiringly and wish I had the talent for it. But basicall… I have two left hands for that kinda stuff. I sometimes try anyways though.

After going bare (nail polish wise) for two days I’ve been thinking about what to put on the next time I painted my nails. I have been thinking about trying something special… something that you might either know as “Gradient Nails” or “Ombré Nails”. Yes, there is a lot of discussion going on about this topic.
I, however, am set to call them Ombré Nails, because when I first saw it… that’s what they were called.

Technique I was set on, but what colours to use? It’s getting colder out there, fall is around in Germany and that usually means my nails are getting darker too. I wanted to paint OPI “Midnight in Moscow”, so I was set on red.

Here you can see what I used (or what you might need if you want to try this at home):
2013-09-19 19.37.22
Nail Polish:
– Manhattan Blogger Edition LE: 04M
– p2 Color Victim: 270 scandal (rather old, so don’t know if still in range)
– OPI: Midnight in Moscow

I will now walk you through what I did step by step (in case you wanna try it out 😉 ):
1) Apply your base coat and let it dry.
2) Apply your choice of basic colour on your nails and let it dry. In my case it was the Manhattan polish.
3) Now put some of the polish you want to gradient with on your transparent folder (anything waterproof will do!). In my case I had two colours to put on and mix them up a little in the middle with the toothpick.
4) Now dip in the mix with your sponge and apply to your nails. I advise you to kinda dab on your nails. Let it dry a little.
5) Apply your Top Coat of choice.

This is how my nails looked after those five steps:
2013-09-19 17.59.48

Then I just cleaned them up with a bit of nail polish remover and then they looked all pretty. Okay, no, they didn’t look that pretty because this was just a first try at Ombré Nails and you can see in the picture that this is not really perfect looking, but I think it’s okay (for a first try).
2013-09-19 18.30.46

Let me know what you think of the result! Have you ever worn Ombré/Gradient Nails? You can also send me pictures on of your results (if you try it out) on twitter: @Snowhoney_DA



2 thoughts on “Snowhoney’s First Try at… Ombré/Gradient Nails

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