Snowhoney’s NotD: Silberbaum (silver tree)

Kosmetik Kosmo "Silberbaum"

Kosmetik Kosmo “Silberbaum”

A new Nail of the Day for you, people. As I have a normal work-week this week, I don’t go too fancy and took a rather decent colour. The polish is a mix of dirty taupe and silver I would say and it is just special enough to be acknowledged, but not too flashy for work. I like it. Kosmetik Kosmo is the brand of a German beauty-youtuber: Koko
She has started her own make-up range and is selling those products alongside some othere brands on her shop: Kosmetik Kosmo Only click if you are interested, you might actually lose some money there 😉

Kosmetik Kosmo "Silberbaum"

Kosmetik Kosmo “Silberbaum”

What are your choices for work/school? Rather going flashy or decent?


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