Nell’s NotD: Grey-t to be here!

essence color&go 142 grey-t to be here

essence color&go 142 grey-t to be here

Grey-t to be here, indeed! I can’t even tell you how much fun I am having with this blog and ‘working’ with my girls (seriously if it is such fun it really isn’t work)! And all y’all stopping by liking, commenting and following us is adding greatly to the fun, THANK YOU 🙂

Now, you may see in the picture that my pawsies are really suffering at the moment due to work-reasons. I’m working the drugstore-section at the store for a couple of weeks and I prefer to work without gloves when I work there. My hands are SO dry and cut to bloody ribbons at the end of the day, but I can’t help it, it is my favorite section to work in (the smell of laundry detergent alone, mmmmmhhh [I’m weird aren’t I, but it smells so fresh and clean and loverly, ugh!])

I felt like a lighter polish today. Unfortunately grey-t to be here is one of those that just will not cooperate with my camera. Despite what it looks like in the picture it is not just a light grey cream it actually contains red-pink shimmers which give it a nice twist. They will show up in artificial and direct lighting though. The formula of this shade was really nice, not too thick, not too thin and flowed evenly on the nail. It does take three coats though to be completely opaque.

As a base I used OPI’s Nail Envy again, as my SH Miracle Cure is starting to get gloopy half way through the bottle. We are at the point where it is really no fun to work with anymore. I don’t want to use thinner on it, not to mess with the drying time but still pretty disappointing. Maybe I am just not patient enough. Topper is the essence high gloss top sealer again. I’m still not sure on this one, at this point it seems inferior to the fast dry one but ultimately time will tell.


P.S. The Fall Edit -Nailpolish Edition that I mentioned on my personal blog is coming, we are just working on the last details, bear with us!


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