The Nail Survival Kit/ What’s In My Travel Nail Bag?

Inside the Survival Kit

Inside the Survival Kit

I am somewhat anal about my nails. Sometimes tipwear alone will make me re-paint.

Last week after work the state of my nailpolish had deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore and I HAD to re-paint. Only problem? I was supposed to meet a friend for pizza and a movie in like 20 minutes. Feeling a little guilty I asked if it was okay to paint my nails at her place. I know some people are bothered by the fumes of nailpolish remover and nailpolish and all things considered it is not the nicest scent in the world. Girls will be girls though, and she said it was no problem at all.

My next step was to assemble a kit that I could bring with me, that would hold all the necessities and here is what I picked:

1) Nailpolish Remover
My favorite nailpolish remover comes in a brilliant 50ml travel size (thanks Rossmann!) so that was sorted! I used my trusted Isana Acetonefree remover, better known as ‘The Pink One’

A couple of Rossmann’s own brand plain cottonwool pads, nailclippers, mini nailfile by essence, buffer file by ebelin

3) Base and Topper
Unfortunately no mini sizes for these two, had to pack my regular SH Miracle Cure and essence’s better than gel nails fast dry top sealer.

4)Nail Color
In this case Catrice Madam Butterfly from the Neo Geisha Limited Edition (dummy me didn’t take any pics *slaps wrist)

5)Hand Cream
My hand cream of choice was a present of Snowhoney’s and it is Cowsheds cow pat moisturizing hand cream with grapefruit and corriander essential oils. It smells sooo good and does a great job! Highly recommend it, especially if your hands are dry after playing around with nailpolish remover.

You know in the end this is really a break down of my essentials, things I use almost every single time I do my nails, stuff that I couldn’t leave at home if I went travelling etc.

What is your basic kit?

The Essentials

The Essentials


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