Nell’s August Favorites


Me and favorites. Holy crap. I was never really great at picking just one thing that I like. True to that I couldn’t come up with just one polish that I liked this month. So I narrowed it down to a finish: I LOVED SandStyles and generally textured finishes a lot. Catrice does rather subtle ones. They were the first to introduce textured finishes to the German drugstores. In the L’Afrique C’est Chic- Collection they brought out new limited edition SandStyles. I bought the red one (L’Afrique C’est Chic) which is basically a red cream with white sand particles in it. It is a b*tch and a half to remove but oh-so-cool! Steel My Heart is also by Catrice, less textured and with glitter particles (See the NotD with it HERE).
Some of the best and most beautiful SandStyles on the market are by p2. I own Seductive and it is a staple for me. It is a purple shimmery base with golden glitter that dries to a very textured finish If I could I would try and capture how it glitters in the sunlight but my camera just will not cooperate.

In the nail care department I was pretty late on the bandwaggon for a real life changer: cotton pads!
For as long as I wear nailpolish I removed them with paper towels and, well, nailpolish remover. When I had the girls over for my birthday earlier this month we did our nails and I realized for the first time that they removed the nailpolish with cotton pads and that they seemed to use a lot less product both on pad and remover end. Either way I gave it a try and was shocked: It took me two dabs of polish remover and one cotton pad to remove all of Vampyria. Yes it was not the hardest one to remove but still oO and it was much quicker and gentler on the nails, too. So, yeah. No more paper towels. Not ever again!

What were your nail favorites in August?


August Faves


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