Munderoon’s August Favorites

One fixed point in the future of this blog will definitely our category “Favorites of the Month”. And we’re starting with the favorites of August!


(from left to right) P2 Sand Style Polish (050 Confidential), Essence Colour & Go (120 Cookie Love), Essence Colour & Go (147 Miss Universe), a-England (Saint George)

My favorites from the month of August are all glitterly polishes, which remind me a bit of space and time – except Essence Cookie Love. Those four polished also represent my general style quite accurate. I’m usually into dark colours, especially blue, green and purple, though there are exceptions of this rule – Cookie Love again. But cutting a long story short, here are some facts about my Top Four in August:

P2 Sand Style Polish (050: Confidential):

My first sand style polish, which is related to Nell’s pink/reddish sand style polish from P2, which is included in her favorites for August as well. What I love about this polish is the fact, that it looks like a fancy, artful night sky and that you can either use it with one layer as a finish for another polish or with two layers and feel its raspy finish, which is something very cool!

Essence Colour & Go (120: Cookie Love):

This is one of the polishes I have for quite a while now, without really using it. As I said, I’m much more into daker colours and this polish was the attempt to convert me to lighter colours as well. But that never really worked until now! When I started working a few weeks ago, I didn’t want to rush things with my new boss and my love for darker polishes, so I tried to find one which was a bit lighter. And Cookie Love is almost the shade of my skin tone, only a bit glittery. And, what shall I say? It worked perfectly for work! It kinda saved me and made the transfer between light and darker smooth.

Essence Colour & Go (147: Miss Universe):

A great polish! I’m not 100% satisfied with its finish, but otherwise, I love how it changes its colour from eyerthing between blue and black! It really looks like Miss Universe and totally reminds me of Beth Revis’ book series “Across the Universe”. (Second book cover in the german version works perfectly with it, even Beth Revis herself said that was lovely :))) ) And since I’m into blue and dark colours, but never really got myself to wear plain black nails, this is the perfect solution for me! 🙂 Review on that polish to follow 😉

A England (Saint George):

As you might have read in my review for this polish, I’m just absolutely in love with it! It fits perfectly with my favorite colours and its glittery attitude, which can change into mat in a second, is amazing! If you’ll ever see me walking around, staring at my nails in awe, you’ve probably witnessed me, finding a new glorious aspect of that polish 🙂


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