Snowhoney’s August Favorites

2013-09-01 14.36.56

OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes + Hong Kong Sunrise

Hello everyone. Wow, our first monthly favourites… I can hardly believe this blog is reaching this first milestone already. It feels like… oh it just feels great.
So, monthly favourites are hard to chose because – in my case – there are so many polishes to chose from. I have had a lot of polishes on this month, most of them being some kind of nude colours, but that’s the price for going to work every day right?! ^^ Let’s just say I do not feel particular brave around the office concerning bright colours seeing as my boss and most of the people I work closely with are not into fancy bright finger nails xD or so I feel.
Some of my OPI’s however are really great because they are colourful but decent enough to wear when going to work. These two have both been put on twice or even three times this month:

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes -OPI

OPI’s Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Hong Kong Sunrise -OPI

OPI’s Hong Kong Sunrise

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes is a kinda ‘dirty’ rose-peachy colour with a subtle gold shimmer. It works great as a office girly colour, for me at least. And Hong Kong Sunrise is a peach metal colour with a golden shimmer. Both polishes are already opaque in one coat but a bit streaky, so I like to put two coats on to make it smooth and then all you have to add on top is your favourite top coat and you’re ready to go.
So, those were my August favourites, how about yours?

And on a sidenote: our lovely Munderoon is on a trip to London which she will hopefully be able to enjoy to the fullest and I bet she’s gonna have a ton of fun without the rest of the sisterhood (yeah, imagine a trip of us three together…  nailpolish would be sold out all over London! ^^) 😉 however, because of her trip, you will get her favourites a little later than Nell’s and mine. Take care everyone!


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