NotD: a-England Saint George


A-England’s “Saint George” from “The Legend” collection


Two Layers of Saint George + Catrice Gel Like Top Coat

A-England was introduced to me through my dear friend Snowhoney just a short while ago (back at her birthday celebration, which became kind of a nailpolish party with her, Nell and me.) My attention was glued to those lovely, shiny colours.  I hadn’t seen something similar before! My absolute favorite one was Saint George, a colour which combines different shades of green and a faint relationship with blue to a nailpolish spectacle that changes its appearance from emerald to a deep moss green and everything in between!

When Snowhoney presented this little bottle of emerald-happiness to me a few weeks later, I couldn’t believe it and since then I’m regulary using Saint George (and even more often I’m browsing a-England’s site, flirting with at least three polishes from the Gothic Beauties Collection from afar) such as I did this weekend. After a long week of nude polishes for work I was ready to go fully drama for camp again.

My review is similar to the experiences I’ve made before while wearing this polish: most people are amazed by how many shades this polish actually has and let’s be honest – it works perfectly with a camp in the middle of a late summer forest! I ,for myself, can only say that I’m constantly amazed by the possibilities with Saint George, too, though I’ve worn it roughly around 10 or 12 times by now. You can easily work with one layer, because the colour is very strong, but – as most of the time – the finish looks better with two.

Besides two layers of Saint George, I used my Essence Studio Nails Ultra Nail Repair and my new Catrice Gel Like Top Coat (Review about that one to follow!)


2 thoughts on “NotD: a-England Saint George

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