Nell’s NotD: Catrice Steel My Heart


Catrice Steel My Heart

Catrice Steel My Heart was one of the earliest offerings in the drugstore in the textured finish department. It is a purple-y grey shimmery base with blue and green glitter particles that dries to matte slightly textured finish. Catrice called this the ‘Brushed Metal Effect’. It is opaque in two coats and dries quite quickly (obviously not quickly enough for me to not get an imprint into it. hmph.) I am always a little paranoid¬†nervous to wear nailpolishes without a topcoat but so far all of the textured polishes I own including this one held up quite well, without premature chipping or tipwear. Base coat is SH Miracle Cure.

Update on Mother Road Rose:
I had tip wear within two days and can’t really see why. Must keep an eye on that. Maybe it would have worked better with OPI’s Nail Envy as a base.


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