Small Polish Haul

Hi there folks!

Well, today one of my favourite drugstores had a jubilee and they promised they would make today perfectly nice with surprises and everything. How could I have not gone there today? I swear I was just gonna look and get the stuff I really needed.
It didn’t work.

Once I was around the first corner, there was this display of a Limited Edition… a nail polish Limited Edition from Manhattan. I couldn’t resist, so there you go… I bought nail polish and you get to see it immediately.

Small Haul

Small Haul

So there you go, aren’t they pretty? It was hard to decide about which ones I like best in this Limited Edition and they had a “Buy 2, get 3 for free” offer running so… yeah, I bought three. Don’t say I don’t love nail polish 😉
And then there was this display from Sally Hansen. The “Fuzzy Coat” Collection I suppose it’s called. I was not sure which one to get, so I randomly threw a question of “Green or Blue?” at my boyfriend and he answered with blue. So there you go, those are all the colour options from Sally Hansen’s Fuzzy Coat Collection:

Fuzzy Coat Collection

Don’t they look just great? The green actually looked a little darker in the store, but there is green and yellow in there, so… those are fun polishes – or at least that is what I thought. I will tell you more when I tried the polish 😉
And here you can see my swatches on the nailwheel:

Small Haul 1

Small Haul 1

So, what do you say? Did I lose my mind or would you have picked up anything as well? What do you think of the Fuzzy Coat Collection?

See ya soon!


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