OPI Mother Road Rose

If you follow me on twitter (@NellVMars) you know that my aunt invited me over to brunch tomorrow. My nails were in desperate need of a paintjob and I was looking for something kinda cool and classy. My aunt supports my love for all things girly so I wanted to make an effort. I came up with OPI’s Mother Road Rose, a beautiful midtone reddish/pinky purple shimmer. It has this glow-from-within effect that I love so much. From one angle it looks almost velvety then I move my hands and that glow appears *.* Formula-wise it is absolutely perfect: Opaque in two coats, streakfree and quick-drying. I did mess up a little bit as you can see in the pic above, but it is a lot less than normal, OPI’s brushes are some of my favorites. Random fact: I bought this polish because the name reminded me of the tv show Supernatural: Mother Road Rose=> Mother -> Ellen Harvelle, Road Rose -> Harvelle’s Roadhouse, Rose -> Ellen. (…) Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways. Base coat is SH Miracle Cure, top coat is essence better than gel nails top sealer fast dry (again and again and again… it’s boring but oh, so good!)
A little heads up from Vampyria: The polish lasted at least 5 or 6 days on me without chipping or peeling, very impressive!


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