Nell’s NotD: Holo Vampire


Kosmetik Kosmo and essence holo topping, please!

As I mentioned before I wasn’t too comfortable with nude nails before, so what does a sane person do? Right, go for another nude, and a weird one at that. Kosmetik Kosmo’s Vampyria (the color is supposed to be inspired by a vampire’s skin) is a nutty mixture of pale lavender and gray and I love it. It is a cream texture and reasonably opaque in two coats even though it is a wee bit streaky. As an accent nail I put essence’s nail art topper in holo topping, please! over Vampyria on my ring finger. Holo topping, please is pale pink and holographic glitter in a clear base. It is quite sheer but adds a nice sparkle to the cream underneath. Base coat was again OPI’s Nail Envy, top coat was essence’s better than gel nails top sealer again.
My choices here were inspired by the fact that I’m re-watching True Blood at the moment and the fact that my darling Snowhoney gave me both Vampyria and the holo topper as a birthday prezzie and I just had to try them!
What are you wearing on your nails right now?


One thought on “Nell’s NotD: Holo Vampire

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