Snowhoney’s NotD: M.A.C. “Dip in the ocean” (Surf Baby – Limited Edition 2011)

M.A.C. “Dip in the ocean” (Surf Baby – Limited Edition Summer 2011)

I went to gamescom yesterday and wanted to wear one of my go-to-dresses this summer, which is white and turquoise in colour and really pretty. So, to make the look more complete I wanted to do my nails to match the dress.
I have had this really beautiful turquoise/aqua colour in my polish collection for a long time, but it is always hard to find an occasion to put it to use: M.A.C.’s “Dip in the ocean” from the 2011 Summer Limited Edition Surf Baby.
It is a Mid-tone creamy aqua, that was the description from M.A.C. and oh my is it beautiful! It fits my dress and it is just one of these kaboom-colours that works as quite the eyecatcher.
My basecoat here is essie’s Help me grow and topcoat was essence’s better than gel nails top sealer.

I wore it to work today, too, but I will be replacing it tonight as this is just not the flashy colour I can have on too much at work.

Sidenote: For everyone interested in what I found/did at gamescom, I will have a german article about it up on my personal blog.


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