Bonjour, I’m Munderoon and I’m the third nail polish addict on this ship!

… I own exactly 31 nail polishes and I’m quite new to the business! Nevertheless, my love for dark and especially every possible shade of blue/green colours is quite passionate and I’m looking forward to expand my collection in the not too distant future. I’m mostly buying my polishes from drugstores, which means I’m especially into Catrice, P2 and Essence. My favorite polish is from A-England, though – thanks to Snowhoney for getting me there – and my best long-time investment has been my OPI polish so far! As for my basics: I’m still trying to work out the best way for healthy nails, since mine are very fragile and mostly short, but Essence’s studio nails ultra nail repair has helped me a lot so far, just as Rival de Loop’s Care. To complement a nice, shiny and long lasting look I’m using Essence’s studio nails better than gel nails top sealer fast dry, just as my two colleagues. I’m using two different types of nail files, a hard and a softer one (not from a specific brand though), and a remover from Isana, which is brand from Rossmann. (picture below)

Yep, so – anything left unclear? If so, ask me 🙂

Colourful regards,




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